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Reverse osmosis systems, of osmosis or ultra-pure water, demineralized for window cleaning at height and all washable surfaces. Professional Teams squeegee and glass facades of buildings. Innovative, lightweight and easy to carry, made consciously, with the best materials and top brand filters, fueled pressure to work more than 24 meters high Teams. Cleaning with carbon fiber poles, ultra-lightweight and strong Equipment and Certified Pre-Backed by: * SCHOOL OF INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERS * TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF MADRID.

water window cleaning machines.This is a powerful Static Reverse Osmosis Pure Water Generator. Systems pure wáter and fed pole cleaning windows

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Demineralizer for window cleaning at height. Economic system for soft water and exporádicos work. Ideal for maintenance of hotels, houses, gardens and pools.

System with 25-liter tank with 6 meter pole, ideal for cleaning small heater or as windows, houses, shops and small surfaces. Fully self.

Reverse osmosis system. For a single operator but can reach 20 meters in height, a very low maintenance system with electric motor.

Window cleaning system with RO water and telescopic poles PuraMóvil 220v. Up to 26 meters high.

Osmosis system of over 200 l / h. Eco-tour plus a 30% savings in waste water. A team of high performance for the most demanding professionals. Up to 26 meters high and 2 operators.

Osmosis system for water of very low quality, up to 2000 ppm, water islands and coastal areas Meditarráneo. Team high performance and very powerful.

System with remote control and metering pump for chemicals.

Mini-filtration equipment-pure demineralized water for cleaning glass. Perfect for indoor and Troiller team system.

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